How to input Cantonese characters using Google Chrome add-on


Inputting Cantonese Character can be very difficult when you know nothing about the traditional input method like 倉頡 Cangjie / 九方 Nine Input method / 速成Chuk1 Seng4 .

Handwriting input method can be the solution but it will take you ages to write say….10 characters.

Luckily, now with the help from “Google Cantonese Input”, we can type words with romanization – Jyutping and Yale.

In this post, I am going to help you with installing the “Google Cantonese Input add-on” step by step.

(Started in June 2017, the Cantonese Input disappeared from Google doc, but with the add-on, you can type Character on any web page with Google Chrome.) 


1. Go to the Google Cantonese Input — install it on the google chrome.


2. An add-on logo would show on the add-on shortcut on the right top corner of the browser.
3. Right-click the logo and go to “Setting”, select the one showed as “繁體中文(台灣) – 廣東話”. And remember to add it onto input tool list on the right-hand side.
4. If you would like to input Cantonese with “Handwriting input method”, you can also pick the one with a “Pencil” logo showed as ” 粵語 – 中文 (廣東話)
5. Then, click the tools add-on button and select “粵 – 廣東話” (Cantonese). The enabled button will turn into Blue.
6. The Cantonese input box will show. Now you are able to input Cantonese with Romanization (Jyptping / Yale)

!! Important: when typing the Character, don’t type the Tone. All you need to type is the romanization. E.g. Just type ngo (without typing the tone) for 我 (Me).



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