Cantonese Lesson

1. Structural Cantonese Class  (Beginner – Intermediate)粤语初级至中级课

  • For students who are beginners / have limited knowledge in Cantonese.
  • Providing a systematic way to learn practical Cantonese
  • Teaching materials, homework, and the audio file will be provided.

2. Structural Cantonese Conversational Practice 廣東話口語對話練習 

  • For students who are intermediate – advanced level
  • Focus on conversational practice with topics to the learners.
  • Pronunciation correction and vocabulary drills.
  • Homework and the audio file will be provided

3. Freestyle Conversational Practice 日常口語對話練習

  • For students who are at an advanced level and strive to perfect the language.
  • Focus on pronunciation correction,
  • More on Slangs, idioms and  colloquial expressions
  • Perfecting / Rephrasing sentences to more native-like
  • Relaxing & Fun style of conversational practice. 🙂

4. Video – Based Conversational Practice 影片對話練習

  • For students who are aiming for understanding Hong Kong Drama and Movies.
  • Selected clips will be provided.
  • Detailed explaination on slangs and colloquial expressions